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Why Should You Visit a Kelowna Med spa ?


Everyday stress and tensions can often leave you drained and exhausted, making you feel and look older and less than your bests self. While visiting a traditional spa may help provide you with a quick relaxation fix, their effects are often short-lived. So, if you are looking for a more substantial and long-lasting solution to look and feel better, visiting a Kelowna med spa clinic would be a perfect decision to make.

What is a med spa?

A med spa also referred to as a medical spa or health spa provides a broader set of beauty and health treatments than a regular spa. Apart from providing massages and facials, certain medical treatments performed in a doctor’s office are also done. Medical spa treatments are a hybrid between a medical clinic and traditional day spa treatments as they are less clinical than medical spas and at the same time not as a luxurious or plush as a pampering day spa.

Benefits of a Medical Spa

#1: Calming Atmosphere

Many people often feel stressed when visiting the doctor’s office which is usually crowded with anxious patients waiting in a small room. In contrast, the ambiance and luxurious surroundings of a medical spa will not only allow you have more space to yourself, but will also ease your mind and keep you calm. When you are stress- free and relaxed, your recovery is speedier.

#2: Best anti-aging treatments

Most medical spas provide corrective cosmetics such as skin tightening, Botox, medical microdermabrasion, brown spots, chemical peels and vein therapy. While Juvederm and Botox treatments help ease wrinkles and make you look younger, the pulsed light rejuvenation help reduce age spots, giving you a more youthful appearance. In addition, health spas also provide laser treatments for hair removal and leg vein treatment to address the different aging effects.

#3: Skilled staff

Majority of the beauty and health treatments at the medical spas are carried out by licensed professionals. The healthcare providers and medical staff at these spas have expert knowledge and necessary skills required to use the latest and most up- to date equipment with cutting-edge technology, thereby providing safe and effective results.

#4: Treat Health Issues

Visiting a medical spa can be quite beneficial for treating health issues such as insomnia, heart problems, or weight issues. To treat health issues, medical spas not only help you address symptoms of health issues but also suggest alternative methods of treatment that quite a different from a medical prescription. In addition, customized programmes are also recommended to help improve your overall well- being.

#5: Long lasting

Treatments at a med spa use proven clinical methods to deal with health and aging problems. As results, the treatments done here are long lasting when compared to those done at a traditional spa. Treatments provide by the traditional spa’s usually fail to address the fundamental issues of a problem, thereby providing only a superficial effect that makes your skin and body feel better for a short time.

The skin rejuvenation and laser treatments provided by a med spa can help boost your body image, improve you’re self- esteem and simply feel better about yourself. As a result, there is less stress and tension, making you a more confident and happier person in life.